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The Artworks of topic Cosmos and with the specified color and ...

Philhelm Philhelm -  P168 – The horse’s origin according to the Dongbas priests of Naxi – 2012. P168 – The horse’s origin according to the Dongbas priests of Naxi – 2012.Philhelm Philhelm

This table should be read as a book that actually exists because it is the only pictographic writing extant in the world. It is Tibeto-Burman origin. Only sixty old priests are still able to read it that is why, recently, it is taught in schools Lijiang Naxi capital, one of the Chinese minorities in...

Jammaerts Claude - FATEFATEJammaerts Claude

The wise man puts to become a time that the ambitious spending to become a character

Branislav Puletic - QUINCEQUINCEBranislav Puletic

Quince is a symbol of love, happiness, fertility, wisdom, beauty, durability and permanence. In ancient legends, quince determined the fate of the gods. It was the fruit of Aphrodite and Gaia. Paris had, by the promise of beautiful Helen, handed to Aphrodite as the most beautiful of all the goddesse...

Patrizia Zancan - Elisa among the fairiesElisa among the fairiesPatrizia Zancan

This is a very faithful portrait of my granddaughter when she was about 8 years. It was specially made with a fantastic backdrop to resume the themes dear to her at the time of the fairy tales. Entries in floral designs and fantastic characters are made with acrylic and glitter added to the oil.

Richard T Pranke - Morning Glory_soldMorning Glory_soldRichard T Pranke

Take a walk in the early morning and look at the lovely flowers.
Sides painted in black
Ready to hang.
Frame not included
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