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The Artworks of topic Awareness and ...

Aleksandr Dubrovskyy - wedding day painting by aleksandr Dubrovskyywedding day painting by aleksandr DubrovskyyAleksandr Dubrovskyy

Painting : oil on canvas ; Ships in a tube ; Shipping included ; Summer is the most active wedding season . ; so i was inspired by one of the most beautiful and symbolic holidays . ⠀ ; The picture is painted in the open air . The picture is painted on canvas with oil paints . Responsible for the qua...

Maïa Latourte Ily Maï Blue - Rising SunRising SunMaïa Latourte Ily Maï Blue

Every day , under the sun rising up , the planet themselves drawn gradually , shade after shade , light after by night , the rustling from the life s'anime , i réveille… It is time follow the most beautiful of birds to go verses l'est .

Kristin Abraham - My Own Private IdahoMy Own Private IdahoKristin Abraham

Idaho is full of hidden wonders that are ready and waiting to be explored. One of these wonders is Sawtooth National Rec. Area, where Alfonso and I spent several beautiful days. We set up our tent in a bed of flowers and explored the swollen river close by. It was a gentle, yet exciting experience.;...

Philhelm Philhelm - M85 -  HOMICID AT KNOSSOS - 2008M85 - HOMICID AT KNOSSOS - 2008Philhelm Philhelm

MINOAN / (Text translated by Google) / A few words about Minoan: This term was coined by Sir Arthur J. EVANS, the discoverer of a lost civilization that lived on the island of Crete in the early days? While he was looking for the origin of Greek letters, and this, from Mycenaean tablets. In 1900, he...

Alain Faure - The Island at the  treasure The Island at the treasure Alain Faure

L'ÎLE THE TREASURE ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 80 ; Which n'a not dream one day of the most famous novel by stevenson , l'île the treasure ? Impossible d'y escape as it there at had filmed versions for the cinema , series for the tv , d'impressions novels or from comic books . That last enthusiasts ...

Bust Glass - Vague memoriesVague memoriesBust Glass

With this artwork , I wanted to show my admiration for the beauty of the human face . I think this is the main proof of the divine image and likeness of man . Perhaps visually only the face of a person is able to evoke in us the whole range of the most powerful emotions - pity , contempt , fear , lo...

Surealworld Illustrations - Decision Decision Surealworld Illustrations

Size 4’ x 5’ Painted on canvas Medium acrylic painted 1995;In this illustration i am trying to portray how active the spiritual world is in every day of our lives. How heaven and hell, these two kingdoms are battling it out to win our devotion. Even when A person chooses to become part of God’s fami...

Rajiv Bhamoo - Crowded Beaches - No sand just land!Crowded Beaches - No sand just land!Rajiv Bhamoo

This painting was done on the spot during my visit to the the windy, winterly and crowded seascape of Galveston, Texas. Man has crowded the most beautiful places with their huge buildings which prove as dark spots on a beautiful item. I painted this one to bring the reality to the eyes of pubic. ...