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The Artworks of topic Awareness and with the specified color and ...

Philhelm Philhelm -  P168 – The horse’s origin according to the Dongbas priests of Naxi – 2012. P168 – The horse’s origin according to the Dongbas priests of Naxi – 2012.Philhelm Philhelm

This table should be read as a book that actually exists because it is the only pictographic writing extant in the world. It is Tibeto-Burman origin. Only sixty old priests are still able to read it that is why, recently, it is taught in schools Lijiang Naxi capital, one of the Chinese minorities in...

Alias Torlonio - 5G IS THE PROBLEM - 5G KILL !5G IS THE PROBLEM - 5G KILL !Alias Torlonio

smart technology , him “ internet of ones cosas” , together it at 5G , are weapons of crowd control . Moreover of be extremely harmful to health , as often 5G they may literally manipulate your behavior and your moods , alter your perception of ones stuff and override your immune system . The radio ...

Freddy Blackberry - PASSAGE OF RELAY (pu) ParalympicPASSAGE OF RELAY (pu) ParalympicFreddy Blackberry

Audience Award (in partnership with CIMA)
original work carried out during the contest 'Art handuo' to Cherbourg 2012.
illustrating the 'handover' in a team by its unusual diversity and disability is not visible.
One, mobility impaired and the other, the mere fact of being 'an ambitio...

Surealworld Illustrations - The Creation Cries Out The Creation Cries Out Surealworld Illustrations

Medium : Acrylic on canvas;Size: 2’ x 4’;Year painted :1998;This painting was done for my sister. she loves Dolphins and she asked me when will i paint a picture for her. When i consider doing this painting i thought about how could i design a illustration that would use the names of fish to teach h...

Kristin Abraham - City of SilosCity of SilosKristin Abraham

While driving alongside Iowan farmland, it isn't difficult for one to see where the painting titled 'City of Silos' originated from. A skyline of cylinders line the horizon in this quiet, yet productive land. Iowa seems to be one of the 'forgotten states.' It is easy to lose sight of it amongst the ...

Julianne Richards - -The Tree House- "The Tree House' Julianne Richards

When I was in second grade,;we managed to build an elevated 'tree house'-which became, for the local girls in our mostly boy dominated neighborhood, a sanctuary of magical proportions. We could see all three streets and where they came together-from our secret meeting place, and it served us well. U...

Alan Casey - Basket of DiasiesBasket of DiasiesAlan Casey

This is an open edition giclee reproduction print reproduced from an original watercolor painting by Alan Casey. It is printed on heavy, high quality archival 90lb cold press watercolor paper using the highest quality archival inks with lightfast excellence. Colors are as vivid as the original and ...