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The Artworks of topic Abstract and with the specified color and ...

Nabakishore Chanda - Fleeting BlessesFleeting BlessesNabakishore Chanda

Fleeting blesses : (water colour on paper,24'x20',$500);Life is presented here as a miox of darkness and light. Life's small blessings are few but revive the human heart with their touch, here reflected in the golden hues.

Classical Indian Art Gallery - KRISHNA BLESSES AKRURAKRISHNA BLESSES AKRURAClassical Indian Art Gallery

KRISHNALEELA SERIES - 36 No's. ORIGINAL PAINTING (Figurative);Artist: P.Hemamalini ;Size: 28x28cms. Medium: Water Colours on Handmade Paper. ;Price: $290 [US Dollars] ;* FLOWERS FADE AWAY IN DAYS. ART WILL LAST MANY LIFE TIMES. FOR EVERLASTING MEMORIES: ;GIFT AN ART from this Gallery thro.. Yessy. ...

Vito Petrus - My soul magnifies the LordMy soul magnifies the LordVito Petrus

'My soul magnifies the Lord.' ;This painting explains the above mentioned Bible passage of Luke 1:46 in a visual way. The function of the Blesses Virgin Mary is, as the moon does, to magnify the light of God where there is darkness on the Earth. Acrylics on a A4 paper.

Călin Bogătean - DeisisDeisisCălin Bogătean

Jesus Christ is central estepersonajul wearing red hiton over which is covered with blue-green Imation decorated with embroidery in gold thread, He blesses with his right hand and the left taking the gospel. It is painted on a background of gold is placed in a chest and the fund is heavily embroider...

Yefim Shestik - Chess against the warChess against the warYefim Shestik

At the year 1985, I was participating in collective Art exhibitions, which took place at the town Beer-Sheba in the gallery ' Turkish station .'There I have exposed one of my most my significant artworks,during this period,It is Performance 3-D dimensions art work. In which,an audience , takes part ...

Yefim Shestik - Chess against the warChess against the warYefim Shestik

Photo , 'Chess against the War';Performance artwork size: 276 Inches x 276 Inches and 122 Inches in Hight 'Chess against the War' it is most significant my art works ,done as Performance ,(3 D art work in which audience is participating by stepping on my art work and leaving the steps ) This art wor...

Surealworld Illustrations - Support Is On The WaySupport Is On The WaySurealworld Illustrations

Medium : Pen and Ink;Size : 11’’ x 15’’;Year completed: 1987;This rendering is part of a body of artwork I did while I was in the Military, entitled ,” The Army Years”. One of my most exciting ride on a helicopter , was when I was serving in the U.S. Air force- Civil Air Patrol, we were helping the ...

Surealworld Illustrations - Victory Through Prayer Victory Through Prayer Surealworld Illustrations

Medium : Water Color Markers on illustration Board;Size 2’ x 4’;Year completed : 1991;This illustration is part of a collection of artwork I did while in the military entitled, “The Army Years”,;I served in the Army National Guard for 5 years, and the regular Army for 4 years.;One of the main reason...