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The Artworks of topic Allegorie and with the specified color and ...

Nat s Créations - out the shed from peachout the shed from peachNat s Créations

This little shed landed on the edge d'une river . ; It allows to its owner s'évader the week-end to make parts of fishing . . . ; An interior very masculine , unadorned . ; To realize this room , i am inspired breakfast shed qu'il thereto has on the river ( when you down with boat of missippi on the...

Carlos Roces - Alb de tormesAlb de tormesCarlos Roces

In the banks of the Tormes ; a later midsummer ; he bathing on the river ; with a time sunny

Martina Krupickova - By the river Sazava 2019By the river Sazava 2019Martina Krupickova

Since that first painting in 1999, I believe I’ve developed my own style. The light is the most important part of the painting. I try to capture the right balance of light and shadow to add depth. My pictures draw on personal experiences that are a reflection of the visible.;This team came from my h...

Maia Oprea - Edo Horse Edo Horse Maia Oprea

A painting realised in my american period, when I was very far away from 'home'. This painting puts in relation two very different subjects: firstly an image of a horse and secondly an american natural panorama of a forest island surrounded by a river. The contrast also comes from the juxtaposition ...

Les Peintures De Markkus - Serenity FallSerenity FallLes Peintures De Markkus

Just before the bitter cold of winter, a time where time seems suspended in the warm serene autumn colors.