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Martina Shapiro - Abstract Expressionist NudeAbstract Expressionist NudeMartina Shapiro

SOLD. For more information visit the artist's website: ww.MartinaShapiro.com;Beautiful minimalist nude with strong abstraction of line and form, rich texture and expressionist colors by Canadian artist Martina Shapiro.

Martina Shapiro - Red and Purple GirlRed and Purple GirlMartina Shapiro

How to buy: ww.MartinaShapiro.com ;This is an original painting, Size: 18 x 24 inches ( 46cm x 61cm), painted in ink and acrylic paint on heavy weight, acid free water color paper ;Dramatic, abstract expressionist portrait of a woman in rich, vibrant Fauve colors, including both warm and cool reds, ...

Martina Shapiro - Contemporary Nude No.1Contemporary Nude No.1Martina Shapiro

SOLD. For more information please visit the artist's website: ww.MartinaShapiro.com

Christian Bonnefoy - The shoemaker on the market of YaoundeThe shoemaker on the market of YaoundeChristian Bonnefoy

already exposed grand Palace at THE PARIS ; Shipping refund or check against cashed or paypal before shipment ; Attentiveness : if in retraction , not from refund only one have matching price sales .

Engelina Zandstra - Composition 4140Composition 4140Engelina Zandstra

landscape composition abstract painting canvas modern original lyrical figurative expressionistic colorful acrylic surrealistic people

Martina Shapiro - Thinking Of PicassoThinking Of PicassoMartina Shapiro

For more paintings visit the artist's website: ww.MartinaShapiro.com;SOLD. I was thinking of Picasso when I created this painting and there is something about this blue nude that is Picasso-like - you get that kind of feeling of raw strength, passion and intensity from this painting. ;It is a very s...