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The Artworks of media Pintando Sobre A Tela and containing the word james e. dunbar, pintando sobre a tela, abstrato, retratos

James E. Dunbar - Vision Of Jazz ( Louis Armstrong )Vision Of Jazz ( Louis Armstrong )James E. Dunbar

The sound that came out of the late great Mr. Armstrons horn was full of color!

James E. Dunbar - Buddy Guy In ConcertBuddy Guy In ConcertJames E. Dunbar

This one show a beautiful shade of concert red that Mr. Guy was so well known for!!

James E. Dunbar - The Great Mr. B.B. KingThe Great Mr. B.B. KingJames E. Dunbar

Mr. B.B. King in concert! The one and only true Blues man!

James E. Dunbar - The Late Great Ray Charles #2The Late Great Ray Charles #2James E. Dunbar

This one is a beautiful arrangement of the colors Mr. Charles played and sang in!

James E. Dunbar - Billie HollidayBillie HollidayJames E. Dunbar

This lady sings the Blues unlike any lady before her or after her! All prints are gallery style Limited edition prints on canvas!

James E. Dunbar - Charles LloydCharles LloydJames E. Dunbar

Mr. Charles Lloyd would make any Jazz collection more Jazzy!

James E. Dunbar - The Great Buddy GuyThe Great Buddy GuyJames E. Dunbar

The original buddy Guy is done in Color Pencil,but I have been selling numbered prints on canvas. The cost of the original one is $650.00

James E. Dunbar - The Younger Miles DavisThe Younger Miles DavisJames E. Dunbar

This one of Mr. Miles shows how serious of a Jazz man he really was!

James E. Dunbar - African WildlifeAfrican WildlifeJames E. Dunbar

Africa is the home of some of the most beautiful wildlife any where on earth!

James E. Dunbar - Wildflower #1 Flower Of SunWildflower #1 Flower Of SunJames E. Dunbar

This paintine is as beautiful as the sun itself! It is also my first one in a series of Wildflower paintings!