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The Artworks of media Woods and containing the word le xylonaute, woods, futurism, science fiction

Le Xylonaute - Space Cruiser - interplanetary shuttleSpace Cruiser - interplanetary shuttleLe Xylonaute

'Next departure for Mars, immediate shipment aboard the Space Cruiser # 1, the flagship of the interplanetary transportation company.'
The 'Space Cruiser' will be an essential element of your decorating bringing warmth and beauty to your home.
Wooden object turned and carved. Waxed finish....

Le Xylonaute - The rocket # 1 ... en route to the stars!The rocket # 1 ... en route to the stars!Le Xylonaute

For sale.
5-4 -3 - 2 - 1 ... Off!
Take the cap to the stars with rocket Xylonaute.
Tintin in Buck Rogers rocket fueled the most distant exploration dreams.
I transcribed the heart of this sculpture the familiar image of the rocket that has rocked our childhood. For larger or less...

Le Xylonaute - Batmobile - evocationBatmobile - evocationLe Xylonaute

At full speed through the streets of Gotham City, this is the famous Batmobile.
This sculpture was made from a single piece of pear stained and waxed.
Special order for a birthday.
L = 35 cm.

Le Xylonaute - Race car -Indianapolis-Race car 'Indianapolis'Le Xylonaute

For sale
Relive the meteor with the golden frantic races on larger circuits age.
Subtle blend of colors and species, this model combines the smooth curves to the hardness of the straight lines to the delight of the senses.
Race car 'Indianapolis' will be an essential element of your d...

Le Xylonaute - The Midget Car - The miniature carThe Midget Car - The miniature carLe Xylonaute

For sale
The adage 'Small is beautiful' (which is small is cute) applies perfectly to this evocation of miniature cars race prevalent in the United States and Australia: Big power, small car and high speed!
Foot to the floor, it s gone!
The Midget Race Car will be a key element of you...

Le Xylonaute - Colt 1851 Navy revolverColt 1851 Navy revolverLe Xylonaute

The Colt 1851 Navy - wooden pistol.
'God created men, but Samuel Colt made them equal ...'
Part of my artwork is to reversals of existing materials or imaginary objects. This is the case with the Colt 1851 Navy made entirely of different woods. The mechanism works, but the weapon obviously...

Le Xylonaute - Knife TrapperKnife TrapperLe Xylonaute

One man versus nature always need a true friend: his knife.
Here is an example of a series of knives that I made. Part of my job is to reversals of existing materials or imaginary as is the case with this knife neck and molded leather case objects.
L = 12cm

Le Xylonaute - Wolf PendantWolf PendantLe Xylonaute

It is said that wolves sing better under the Northern Lights ...
I created this pendant to celebrate the majestic wolves that inhabit the frozen forests.
Made of lime, it uses the contrast with the clothing the wearer to reveal the shadow of the wolf that is conspicuous by its absence.

Le Xylonaute - The pocket pistolThe pocket pistolLe Xylonaute

The Wild West, you never lose your bet poker with this pocket pistol as a faithful companion.
Part of my artwork is to reversals of existing materials or imaginary objects, as is the case with this pocket pistol made entirely of wood.
L = 12 cm.

Le Xylonaute - Snow goggles - goggles snow InuitSnow goggles - goggles snow InuitLe Xylonaute

Long before the use of glass, the Inuit were able to fight against dangerous Arctic: the sun reflected by the snow. Their response was the creation of snow goggles.
I wanted to mix the old concept of snow goggles with shapes closer to us. I created and tested these glasses in lime frozen prairi...