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The Artworks of media Scultura and containing the word sylvie, shambhalla claudepierre, scultura, fiction

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - the necromancerthe necromancerSylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

Gloomy seems t'il . . . . but he n'est than the goalkeeper  d'un unknown world . ; Metal , Fabrics , Leather and brass

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - the doniithe doniiSylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

Made Carrara . Small Goddess you pray the hollow niches graven in the rock caves , all white , so white , that you haloes of darkness dwelling d'une soft light .

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - The Return of the  of dragon The Return of the of dragon Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

her n'existe more under this shape . . . a carpet d'ossements and of skeleton has been adds . . . pictured not yet taking ; The tariff is indicated in ' price of l'Original ' ; However if you have an idea of the same style to me subdue n'hésitez no . ; The tariff shown in breeding concerned a draw p...

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - LucieLucieSylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

Made for an order . Meeting with sponsor , study of poses , drawing and maquettes have been offered . Feasible on order . ; even a small change is desirable , for the well be dice l'artiste and future landlady . Can study set .

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - meditationmeditationSylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

a woman into a position oval , the cnetre dice l'ovale from there palce for another heart who will come batter

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - The trophies The trophies Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

They are there to compensate , congratulate , tribute . Offered for sports ceremony , artistic or festive , they are carefully made with the complicity friends or directing clubs . The prize can be adapted according of time and of material , but the the most part of time c'est the project who is ada...

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - NefertitiNefertitiSylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

a wink d'oeil to one Queen d'Egypte that made me dream when j'étais small . private collection . can s'aqueérir on order .

Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre - The weapons  from  decoration  personalized The weapons from decoration personalized Sylvie-Shambhalla Claudepierre

A son scorpio lovers weapons ? A other bough Samurai , a friend captivated the lord rings or from figures legends ? An anniversary in view ? Make it fun with a armed decorative and of custom collection . Warning them are not make for being of arms , them are first of all a sculpture custom who has l...