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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word alain faure, painting on canvas, figurative contemporary, wives

Alain Faure - L-ORAGEL'ORAGEAlain Faure

L'ORAGE ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 81 ; Them are lowered both the three on this beach where it was so good yesterday still . From now on , they return separately because aujourd'hui their beautiful friendship s'est cracked from every parts . A brief gust of wind suggests qu'une disturbance is prepa...

Alain Faure - the Beachthe BeachAlain Faure

THE BEACH ; acralic on canvas : 116 x 89 ; They have posed their sheet bath on the sand hot , spread a little d'ambre solar on l'intégralité of their body , they dreamed of months , this fois… They there are . Stylish and very casual , they guess ever qu'elles are going spark here or there some jeal...


CAMARGUE WILD ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 80 ; Alongside the flamingoes pinks and free living them in delta marshes du rhone , bulls black and horses white camargue have the particularity to live in perfect harmonics . They are also very often required at find themselves for the « ferrade » of sunda...

Alain Faure - BONAGUILBONAGUILAlain Faure

BONAGUIL ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 100 ; Proud appearance this castle s’appelait at l’origine « good pin » because located upon a cutwater rocky . For d’autres , l’explication would be different and he s’agirait dice « good water » because his website of construction was chosen for the attendance ...

Alain Faure - CREEKSCREEKSAlain Faure

CREEKS ; acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; S'immergeant them in more beautiful landscapes the mediterranean coast , we commit ourselves on l'un paths superior the cliff , there where vegetation is essentially composite d'aloès , fig trees barbarity and others plants fat . Little more down , behind pine ...

Alain Faure - good mother good mother Alain Faure

GOOD MOTHER ; acralic on canvas : 73 x 54 ; Consecrated the 5 june 1864 , she has always been considered as the guardian and there protector of sailors and from fishermen , but also and especially the most beautiful guide the city from marseille . And the virgin the guard born not only part d'un lan...

Alain Faure - GARLABANGARLABANAlain Faure

GARLABAN ; acralic on canvas : 73 x 54 ; The way is shaded in early of the foothills , he climbs since ravine jusqu'à la source Barquieu . The on the left , a small steep green path , passes between the boulders jusqu'au all neck near the the cross garlaban . Playing field of holiday dear to marcel ...

Alain Faure - TuscanyTuscanyAlain Faure

TUSCANY ; acralic on canvas : 90 x 70 ; C'est some florence strides mysterious , that we can discover beautiful landscapes nestled between sea tyrrhenian and apennines . Within that decor dotted with mountains and of plains fertile , the four seasons s'écoulent delicious pace of dolce vita . Everyth...

Alain Faure - LACOSTELACOSTEAlain Faure

LACOSTE ; acralic on canvas : 81 x 60 ( private collection ) ; Not far of forest cedar located into the luberon massif small , themselves trained the chateau from there pretty lacoste town where stayed the marquis de sade . C'est a place single loaded d'une painful history and sometimes sulphurous ....