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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word alain faure, painting on canvas, figurative contemporary, fantastic

Alain Faure - the doors  of the  King  floor the doors of the King floor Alain Faure

THE DOORS OF KING FLOOR ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 . . . . . . . . . . private collection ; Just d’un little in d’imagination even the closed eyes to consider the light , s’imprégner of his warmth and of his energy . The top , above clouds l’impression is still more powerful , it needs could be i...

Alain Faure - destiny from  Sea in destiny from Sea in Alain Faure

DESTINY SEA ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 40 ; L’évocation of theworld in painting requires a cautious analysis , both pose questions linked at a ideal landscape in search the picturesque , the fantastic or the realizm . Au-delà of this will to transmitting a real emotion , he is primary d’aimer the se...

Alain Faure - summer season indian summer season indian Alain Faure

L'ETE INDIAN ; Acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; French speakers of canada l'appellent l'été indians , « a seasonal which n'existe than in the north dice l'Amérique » like the sang joe dassin . Here , the great spaces have kept their purity and wherein qu'ils are , the noble lakes reflect by pride and a...

Alain Faure - the last uncertain the last uncertain Alain Faure

THE LAST wave acrylic on canvas : 102 x 71 ; She has emerged as thrust by a wind ample , at the time even where the music of light s’estompe to flirt them with silencios evening . Warm and caressing she has closes as smoothly and without tumult the crossing stormy d’une announced drift . After an ph...

Elin Bogomolnik - View from darknessView from darknessElin Bogomolnik

Painter Elin Bogomolnik. I work with oil colors on canvas. I prefer mix of cubism, abstract, modern and expressionism styles. All my artworks are made with technique palette knives and brushes.

Alain Faure - AVIGNONAVIGNONAlain Faure

AVIGNON ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 80 ( workart sold ) ; C'est passing along the rhône and regardless the shore borrowed , as l'on can easily themselves seduced by to resplendent city popes . When on sun sends its last rays oranges and hot on the stone the main monuments , then fairy lights happens ...


CAMARGUE WILD ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 80 ; Alongside the flamingoes pinks and free living them in delta marshes du rhone , bulls black and horses white camargue have the particularity to live in perfect harmonics . They are also very often required at find themselves for the « ferrade » of sunda...

Alain Faure - hunting ponds hunting ponds Alain Faure

HUNTING PONDS ; acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ( workart sold ) ; Created to late owing 18 th century to feed the canal nivernais , ponds baye and of Vaux are recognized for their wealth cash vegetable and animal remarkables . The view owing rendez-vous of hunting them on ponds is wonderful and when th...

Alain Faure - BONAGUILBONAGUILAlain Faure

BONAGUIL ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 100 ; Proud appearance this castle s’appelait at l’origine « good pin » because located upon a cutwater rocky . For d’autres , l’explication would be different and he s’agirait dice « good water » because his website of construction was chosen for the attendance ...


GREAT LUBERON ; acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; Rampart straighter separating the vaucluse alpine of high Provence , c'est as a great scarf blue where do s'accrocher a few villages typical features the accents d'ocre yellow or ruddy . Borrowing beautiful singles front d'accéder the ridges in mountains...