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The Artworks of media Oilpainting and containing the word francesco m o aramu pittore, oilpainting, surrealism, communication

Francesco M O Aramu Pittore - RaQaMa5 , so i was born anch-ioRaQaMa5 , so i was born anch'ioFrancesco M O Aramu Pittore

. . . the story begins just beyond forte cappellini , when Aramu , that then had about six years , in tow of the father commander by a squad of sailors at defense dell'Italia the neighbor across corsica , the threshold of wwii , he came across strange rocks quarries and monoliths that fascinate and ...

Francesco M O Aramu Pittore - InterviewInterviewFrancesco M O Aramu Pittore

The Master Aramu traveled her 'Raqama' with the courage and the will that characterized him, in fact, between 1992 and 1993 he was diagnosed with a degenerative maculopathy
'Despite' (as he liked to repeat), could carry out his plan of Raqama who is also a book with beautiful p...

Francesco M O Aramu Pittore - Raqama2Raqama2Francesco M O Aramu Pittore

Continues the philosophical journey spiritual Artist
His inspiration from the rocks of Sardinia infinity astral.

Francesco M O Aramu Pittore - FlowersFlowersFrancesco M O Aramu Pittore

And inserted in the novel 'Tale' of the same Aramu and poet Palace that 'tells', in verse, the works of Aramu.