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The Artworks of media Oilpainting and containing the word antonio cariolani, oilpainting, figurative imaginative, christmas

Antonio Cariolani - angelangelAntonio Cariolani

integrated poetry angel ; Servant by a angel i have maybe two diventero' , ; thirsty d'amore i will be you me fall asleep in the sunshine , ; in the bright moon and famous as you me wonder , ; who i was myself a warrior i have a villain which no , ; knoweth clutch l'amore with an pogno . Love word ,...

Antonio Cariolani - beautiful gesu-beautiful gesu'Antonio Cariolani

integrated poetry : beautiful gesu' . ; gesu' light of the face from my you do shine every what , ; you touched the heart by a male e'lo you let live of rejoicing , ; didst quiver myself e' all the earth but only for justice , ; first man then light then fire i hear be even inside of myself , ; my l...

Antonio Cariolani - the dance e- the fortressthe dance e' the fortressAntonio Cariolani

integrated poetry : the dance e' the fortress ; Suggestive steps in the night i felt in the heart my , ; in love and not tormented afflicted but not deaf , ; the face my for her , because he was dancing damsel and walkways , ; nalla night he walked without trampling the void of night , ; unknown fea...