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The Artworks of media Mosaique and containing the word marie christine beaulande, mosaique, personal, abstract

Suzanne Tremblay - AnchorAnchorSuzanne Tremblay

Hello everyone,
I have great pleasure to introduce my vintage 2011: Mini Sue
Glass mosaics of 8 x8, whether as a framework, a simple trivet or decorative object
they go everywhere!
Unique and original Mini Sue are ready to be hung on a wall, alone or combined. Put one near your c...

Terral Hélène - Decadence noctureDecadence noctureTerral Hélène

For this work, I let myself immersed in the night environment Funicular, over the cliff, in the city of Tréport in Normandy.
The funicular is a Tréport inclined elevators line that connects the slums Tréport the top of the cliff. I chose the atmosphere of this place, because I find particularly...

Jose Manuel Solares - Mosaic sphinx.Mosaic sphinx.Jose Manuel Solares

Detail of a large Islamic mosaic on the facade of a mosque in Iran.
The original facade with a bow on each side a sphinx as a gatekeepers.
In the Sphinx can be seen that the animal body is revealed (the tail of a serpent-headed dragon), not to be subjected, dominated by the human head is t...