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The Artworks of media Dye and containing the word sara vaccarezza, dye, figurative, music

Sara Vaccarezza - -taconeando -"taconeando "Sara Vaccarezza

Only highlights the movement of ones tango legs o the milonga . Named after a tango famed sung by gardel that expresses the pleasure of ' taconear ' and of feel it produces special . Female legs and male seem to move by will own it at rhythm of music . ; The painting acrylic part in he thick and in ...

Sara Vaccarezza - -Al compass of tango -"Al compass of tango "Sara Vaccarezza

belonging to the serial ' tango ' and how all the paintings of this series named after a tango ' It at compass of tango ' . Sample couples dancing in a salon . The spots are defined in the first planes and be return transparent backward . ; The execution from quick of the painting makes more in a no...

Sara Vaccarezza - sang to  the over  moon sang to the over moon Sara Vaccarezza

The beautiful moon frequently we see in the field argentine , ; inspires a feeling deep on a little bird ; These stopped on a wiring that serves to divide the different ; areas or ' paddocks ' of land cultivated ; It seems sing live voice and with all on heart , ; captivated down the beauty the by m...

Sara Vaccarezza - Orange tree in flowerOrange tree in flowerSara Vaccarezza

Inspired at the tango of the same name ' Orange tree in flower ' speaks of beauty of woman and of the youth . ; Environment of nostalgia full of feelings and romanticism , where i know highlights harmony from de colors . ; The expression of beautiful face of the young , they show a few green eyes fu...