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The Artworks of media Canvas Acrylic and containing the word josé miguel pérez hernandez, canvas acrylic, contemporary art, woman

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - Mairim . InnocenceMairim . InnocenceJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Technique : Acrilic on Web ; Size : 104 x 60 cm ; Year : 2016 ; Comment : Beautiful work where the painter works with his favorite model . Her daughter Mairim , at a pose contemplative , lets see his world poetical , fine , nobby , innocent . The job of the range color as the composition makes of th...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - Profile of woman  on with  bird Profile of woman on with bird José Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Descriptio : Beautiful profile of woman combing with a whimsical bird which you it has nested in his hair . See the debugged drawing and the unity of bird with the visage . Range color of blues , roses , meat colors make of this work a beautiful profile of woman . ; Year : 2015

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - st barbara . Homage to rita longast barbara . Homage to rita longaJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

The artist appropriating from one sculpture to rita longa . st barbara 1941 . Paint the most beautiful tower leaving captivity to become a lighthouse of light and rightness . The strength of red , the sword , the vibration color , the forces of ones diagonals , as the presence of the cuban palm make...

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - resistanceresistanceAldo Carhuancho Herrera

the theme it is the violence against the girl , woman result of an avalanche of abuses , the technical is mixed with clippings newspapers and images about the violence against the girl ,