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The Artworks of media Acrylic On Paper and containing the word aurelio villanova, acrylic on paper, impressionism, lanscape

Patrizia Zancan - liliesliliesPatrizia Zancan

My very first painting in acrylic on paper knocked out so casually, in a lazy summer afternoon in which the workshop of a friend was careful with available, paper and colors!

Patrizia Zancan - mattia who dreamsmattia who dreamsPatrizia Zancan

This is one of my first acrylic paintings depicting an adult and my son while he slept when he was a child. The portrait is faithful but my hand refused to automatically insert it in the normal frame of pillows and blankets around him and is 'left for other shores'!

Patrizia Zancan - my copy of the kissmy copy of the kissPatrizia Zancan

One of my copies of famous paintings. This is my 'Kiss' by Klimt. I was never allowed to modify in any way that I made the copies because I find them perfect as they are, so I painted this picture trying to play it in a completely faithful