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The Artworks of media Acryl and containing the word naffetat véronique, acryl, niave, canvass

Naffetat Véronique - ONE STEP DANCE AIRONE STEP DANCE AIRNaffetat Véronique

beautiful sculptures but also beautiful paintings to let themselves go and fly very far .... everything is light!

Ragoust Nathalie - My son I love youMy son I love youRagoust Nathalie

My son I love you -
naïve acrylic painting romantique-
The benevolent gaze of a mother towards her son ...
And the love of it to her ...
Personal Creation
Canvas 20 x 20, the edges are painted and the painting is varnished.

Ragoust Nathalie - A winter castleA winter castleRagoust Nathalie

A castle in winter-Naive
Personal creation.
In the enchanting series, a castle in winter, lost in the forest ...
In shades of blue ...
Table 20x20, directed by me, the edges are painted and varnished.

Ragoust Nathalie - My daughter I love youMy daughter I love youRagoust Nathalie

'My daughter I love you'
-naif acrylic painting romantic
Small picture 20 x 20
Tender look of an attentive and loving mother to his daughter become great
In shades of blue, purple, brown ..
Personal Creation

Ragoust Nathalie - Bao sulky and Lotus FlowerBao sulky and Lotus FlowerRagoust Nathalie

Bao sulky and Lotus Flower -
naïve acrylic painting romantique-
Chinese little sulky in the land of the rising sun and pink lotus flower.
Table 20 x 20 with painted edges. The table is varnished
Personal Creation

Ragoust Nathalie - On the way to dreamlandOn the way to dreamlandRagoust Nathalie

On the way of art-dreams-naive fairy-Nathalie Ragoust
Table 20x20 representing 2 small children on the way of their dreams ..
Small tender and naive painting.
In shades of brown, beige and gold.
Personal creation.
It will be painted and the edges are painted