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The Artworks of media Acralic On Canvas and containing the word dauby noëlle, acralic on canvas, abstracted expressionnism, abstract visions

Dorveaux Marie - doll circus : AVIATORdoll circus : AVIATORDorveaux Marie

series them on ' dolls circus ' , AVIATOR at the eyes pelican and look the viewer face up in him posing the question : Humane as fais-tu of our planet ?

Dorveaux Marie - circus dolls thou  thee  think  lovely circus dolls thou thee think lovely Dorveaux Marie

Has the question : ' thou believe you beautiful with this octopus on the letterhead ? we say yes because all is done for qu'on be beautiful : overuse of products from of animal and looting in rule of nature , cosmetics on all kind , hide , . . ; In short , it needs to be more lovely , more efficient...

Artart Langdonart - langdonart importancewatertrees painting expo viviana puello nyclangdonart importancewatertrees painting expo viviana puello nycArtart Langdonart

Story short : exhibition of extraordinary paintings multicolored original created on canvas by artiste langdonart owing 5 the 22 december 2018 at the gallery d'art viviana puello gallery the 1791 amsterdam ave inter 148 and 149 nyc City 212-123-4567 S . V . P . , ask has the gallerist agent viviana ...