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The Artworks of media Acralic On Canvas and containing the word alain faure, acralic on canvas, figurative contemporary, sailors

Alain Faure - at more close  of  islands at more close of islands Alain Faure

« AT MORE CLOSE » ISLANDS ; acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; After this long crossing they finally, aim and before them beaches of sand blond both finest the ones that other , appear to call them and the invite to the laze so anticipated . L’allure of the boat themselves close owing « standing wind » a...

Alain Faure - WIND IN Stern WIND IN Stern Alain Faure

WIND IN STERN ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 50 ; The day fishing is finished and the trawlers return to port in line indian , time when the conditions weather begin at themselves degrade rapidly . Behind each boat a ballet aerial of seagulls laughing is provoked by sailors who has the stern bridge sor...

Alain Faure - at the end of the  platform  out the  trawler at the end of the platform out the trawler Alain Faure

AT THE END OF THE QUAY , THE TRAWLER ; acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; The boat fishing come back d’une release fourteen days and the members d’équipage are happy to be able to recover their home and d’apprécier a repose well-deserved . However , although the work on a trawler is difficult and dangero...

Alain Faure - Evening of fishing Evening of fishing Alain Faure

EVENING OF FISHING ; acralic on canvas : 81 x 60 ; By night fell leasurely on sea still calm in it spring strangely warm and dry . Far from harbor , them on blues intertwined from the sky and from waves , the trawler maneuver to go up a net of which the taking will be resold directly to consumer or ...

Alain Faure - VEZELAYVEZELAYAlain Faure

VEZELAY ; acrylic paint on Cavnas : 80 x 60 cm ; Point of departure from pilgrimage from st Jacob de compostela , the site and there vézelay basilica have since 1979 registered heritage global dice l’UNESCO . C’est a location historical and mecca of spirituality that inspires for centuries , builder...


RIOMAGGIORE ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 81 ; In the liguria region italy the limits the province from there Spezia it exists a few flanked websites them in hills natural park of « Cinque Earth » . Among them themselves distinguished the grand village Riomaggiore which is characterized by typical fea...

Alain Faure - VeniceVeniceAlain Faure

VENICE ; acralic on canvas : 81 x 60 ; Major destination when l’on wish visiting l’Italie or merely s’émerveiller dice l’ambiance of this single city to world . He is even a recommended game for the discovery the city , that of be lost . Venice called « the serenissima » where every corner of prague...


CHAMONIX MONT-BLANC ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 ; Tucked between the massives mountainous red and needles of mount White , Chamonix shares with Saint-Gervais-les-Bains the record from there municipality with l'altitude most high of france and d'Europe western . the mount White being the third most...

Alain Faure - DecemberDecemberAlain Faure

DECEMBER ; acralic on canvas : 80 x 60 ; With l’apparition raw snow , this end d’automne already anticipated the period winter and the choice d’une walkway along the channel remained the only opportunity to enjoy the tenderness the last rays d’un twilight descending . The beautiful light lost gradua...