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The Artworks of media Painting and containing the word jerry sauls, painting, nature, seascape

Jerry Sauls - Along the Rocky CoastAlong the Rocky CoastJerry Sauls

The focal point of this painting is the merging of the calm tropical waters with the sculptured rocks and sandy beaches. The changing colors, influenced by water depth, reflections, shadows and the wet sands set the tone for the scene created by the elements of nature. 

Jerry Sauls - After the StormAfter the StormJerry Sauls

Only a few lingering clouds and diminishing winds remain from the violent storm of the night before. As the sun makes it's first appearance the landscape begins to transform from total darkness into an embellishment of light and color made more brilliant by the freshly cleansed morning air. The stil...

Vladimir Silenko - View to the EastView to the EastVladimir Silenko

If you want to think about something, sit down in front of the picture, look into the distance and you will see how quickly you can find the answer to any of your questions.

Jerry Sauls - Pioneer LivingPioneer LivingJerry Sauls

Almost every day began and ended the same way for the pioneer family. When the rising sun moved across the fields and first touched the windows of the tiny cabin, it was time to start work. Everyone had their chores that collectively were essential to sustain the household. The fields must be prepar...

Aymeric Noa Artiste Peintre - 60 year olds after60 year olds afterAymeric Noa Artiste Peintre

Table fact by 2000 - represents charente maritime beach view from l'intérieur this qu'il rest d'un bunker . 60 years after the war , the nature takes its .

Leonor Villagra - Dioses del marDioses del marLeonor Villagra

'The sea god ': I´m was inspired of god 'Viracocha' Religion for the Inca played an important role in the public and private lives of the Inca. The people believed that nature was created by their most important god, Viracocha.made the earth, the stars, the sky and mankind, but his first creation d...

Tom Lund-Lack - Winter ShoreWinter ShoreTom Lund-Lack

Drawn from imagination on but based on memory, this painting is about the unforgiving nature of our seas and shorelines.