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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word tom lund, lack, painting on canvas, contemporary, figurative imaginative

Tom Lund-Lack - Autumn GoldAutumn GoldTom Lund-Lack

The colours of an autumn wood with perhaps a slightly sinister undertone

Tom Lund-Lack - Running HareRunning HareTom Lund-Lack

The Hare, a part of British wildlife, rare generally but fairly common in East Anglia where I live.Speed and exceptional agility are potrayed in this piece.

Tom Lund-Lack - Racing Colours 3Racing Colours 3Tom Lund-Lack

Contemporary racing painting painting was using thick applications of oil paint to bring out the drama, colour and excitiment of racing.

Tom Lund-Lack - On a Lonely ShoreOn a Lonely ShoreTom Lund-Lack

Lonely shoreline with only seagulls for company, great for thoughtful walks with a wet dog! Much of the coast here in East Anglia, Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex is like this.

Tom Lund-Lack - 4 to 2 Odds on Favourite4 to 2 Odds on FavouriteTom Lund-Lack

Pace, colour & movement of racehorses and jockeys are the subject of this oil on canvas.Typical of my style, this time with a touch of humour the four to two being the obviously the numbers on the two visible horses.

Tom Lund-Lack - Up and OverUp and OverTom Lund-Lack

Jockeys and horses going over the fence, contemporary racing imgage of National Hunt or Point to Point racing. As with all my racing paintings this is draw from imagination. I do not use photographs, only a an artists model horse.

Anastasia Russa - FirefoxFirefoxAnastasia Russa

mozilla firefox . Out of the fox’s tale there are sumerian mythology coming out . both firefox and sumerians are running up to the different sides . Apparently they can not follow the same road .

Anastasia Russa - paradise frozenparadise frozenAnastasia Russa

paradise frozen . since adam and Eve’s expulsion the paradise began to be sealed , frozen place . the snake leaves paradise as well , his servants bring his clothes out , which fly everywhere , this is colorful clothes because we deal with the knight of this world