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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word james e. dunbar, painting on canvas, realism, portraits

James E. Dunbar - The Great Buddy GuyThe Great Buddy GuyJames E. Dunbar

The original buddy Guy is done in Color Pencil,but I have been selling numbered prints on canvas. The cost of the original one is $650.00

James E. Dunbar - The Late Great Ray Charles #2The Late Great Ray Charles #2James E. Dunbar

This one is a beautiful arrangement of the colors Mr. Charles played and sang in!

James E. Dunbar - The Great Mr. B.B. KingThe Great Mr. B.B. KingJames E. Dunbar

Mr. B.B. King in concert! The one and only true Blues man!

James E. Dunbar - Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray VaughanJames E. Dunbar

Stevie we still love you!! Mr. Vaughan was truly a Blues man before his time,wow what the Blues world be like if you were still here!

James E. Dunbar - Dream BigDream BigJames E. Dunbar

This one has all of the pass and present black political leaders in it! This one is a one of a kind of painting it is very colllectable!!

James E. Dunbar - Ray CharlesRay CharlesJames E. Dunbar

Ray Charles is everyones favorite! He would could make you feel good just looking at his picture!

James E. Dunbar - Albert KingAlbert KingJames E. Dunbar

Mr. Abert King plays the blues so good that you would think he was the other side of B.B. King!

James E. Dunbar - The Young Buddy GuyThe Young Buddy GuyJames E. Dunbar

This one is a great work of artistic detail that you can only see on a true Blues man! Add this one to your collection!

James E. Dunbar - Land Of The Massai Land Of The Massai James E. Dunbar

This one is the original oil painting! It has been beautifully painted with thick paint in all the right places!

James E. Dunbar - Buddy Guy In ConcertBuddy Guy In ConcertJames E. Dunbar

This one show a beautiful shade of concert red that Mr. Guy was so well known for!!