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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word edward tabachnik, painting on canvas, expressionism, architecture

Edward Tabachnik - Sun Beam in St. PeterSun Beam in St. PeterEdward Tabachnik

Mystery of St. Peter's. Artist,-self-portrait and Sun Beam of St. Peter.

Edward Tabachnik - In The Memory of Destroyed Berlin Synagogue.In The Memory of Destroyed Berlin Synagogue.Edward Tabachnik

The 'New Berlin Synagogue' had been destroed by nazis during the Second War.;Artist-Architect has recriated interior of the famous synagogue.

Edward Tabachnik - Garden of EdenGarden of EdenEdward Tabachnik

Ship of Souls. 72 Names of God. Aurora Borealis.;Artist playing ancient giraffe piano. Tree of Life.

Edward Tabachnik - The Great Buddah. Memories of Japan.The Great Buddah. Memories of Japan.Edward Tabachnik

The Great Buddah Mystery. Geisha. ;Series:'Memories ofJapan'.

Edward Tabachnik - Creation of The WorldCreation of The WorldEdward Tabachnik

Jewish Mystery.;Absolute Limitless Light.;First, Second Temple and Arrival of The Third Temple.;Mem-Water, Alef-Nothigness, Shin-Fire.

Edward Tabachnik - Arrival of ProserpinaArrival of ProserpinaEdward Tabachnik

Prozerpina -12th. Planet. Creation of Man. Arrival of The 3rd, Temple. 72 names of God. Jewish Mystery.;Blue Violin. Main Prayer Hall of The First Temple.

Edward Tabachnik - Nastradamus. Self-portrait. Rembrandt or not Rembrandt. Nastradamus. Self-portrait. Rembrandt or not Rembrandt. Edward Tabachnik

Based on Rembrandt painting. Self-portrait. Mystery Towers on the background.

Edward Tabachnik - In Rembrandt-s Studio. Self-portrait. Rembrandt or not Rembrandt.In Rembrandt's Studio. Self-portrait. Rembrandt or not Rembrandt.Edward Tabachnik

Series: 'Rembrandt or not Rembrandt'.;Self-portraits as 'Jewish Bride'and Siting artist.;Paintings on the walls are by E.Tabachnik, series: 'Rembrandt or not Rembrandt'.

Aleksandr Dubrovskyy - blooming meadow painting by aleksandr dubrovskyyblooming meadow painting by aleksandr dubrovskyyAleksandr Dubrovskyy

Painting : oil on canvas . ; Ships in a tube ; Shipping included ; I would like to convey the fragrance of a herb meadow . . . ; The picture is painted in the open air . The picture is painted on canvas with oil paints . Responsible for the quality of each of my paintings . I am sending a picture of...