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The Artworks of media Oil and containing the word tom lund, lack, oil, contemporary, equine

Tom Lund-Lack - Close CompetitionClose CompetitionTom Lund-Lack

This painting is not just about the power of and excitement of horse racing , but also a comment of the way we all live - the drive to win!;The original has been sold but high quality prints are available.

Tom Lund-Lack - White Turf - 2000White Turf - 2000Tom Lund-Lack

The drama of the racing on the frozen lake at St Moritz. Sheer power and risk!

Tom Lund-Lack - Holkham RidersHolkham RidersTom Lund-Lack

Painted from my imagination and my knowledge of the location this work portrays horse riders having fun on the vast expanse of Holkham Beach in Norfolk. Oil on linen

Tom Lund-Lack - Oil Sketch Blue and Yellow JockeyOil Sketch Blue and Yellow JockeyTom Lund-Lack

Pace, colour & movement of racehorse and jockey are the subject of this oil on board.

Tom Lund-Lack - A Place I KnowA Place I KnowTom Lund-Lack

This painting is drawm from memor and somehow it grew out of the paint! It is vaguely based on a coastal village in East Anglia, probably Norfolk. Given the colours it has an older, less contemporary feel about it all this gives rise to the title.

Tom Lund-Lack - The Last FurlongThe Last FurlongTom Lund-Lack

This painting is in the Waterside Fine Art Gallery, 7 Waterside, Stratford-on- Avon, UK. Jockeys and thoroughbreds in a tight group, the broken shapes aim to create the feel of speed and to make the work an abstract of the real thing.

Tom Lund-Lack - Hare RestingHare RestingTom Lund-Lack

Had a boozy lunch with a friend who had a print of a hare that he was very fond of and challenged me to do one.This is the result - a hare alert but still just for a moment. This piece was sold at the Suffolk Show in May 2014.

Tom Lund-Lack - Everyone a WinnerEveryone a WinnerTom Lund-Lack

This dramatic painting of the power and athleticism of the thoroughbred was from imagination, no photographs or other artwork were used in its preparation. ;I have called it Everyone a Winner as the result of what is portrayed could be just that, a photo finish. I'm looking for what makes the esses...

Tom Lund-Lack - Castles of SteelCastles of SteelTom Lund-Lack

HMS Barham, HMS Malaya and HMS Argus, in heavy seas, while participating in exercises of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets near the Balearic Islands, circa the later 1920s, as seen from HMS Rodney. Barham is followed by the battleship Malaya and the aircraft carrier Argus