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The Artworks of media Oil and containing the word alexander presniakov, oil, painting, mythology

Alexander Presniakov - Nymph and Satyr Nymph and Satyr Alexander Presniakov

This is a moment of tenderness that the viewer is invited to witness by the seductive smile of the voluptuous nymph as the satyr caresses his lover.

Alexander Presniakov - GanymedaGanymedaAlexander Presniakov

Ganymeda is abducted by the god Zeus disguised as an Eagle and she is being flown to Mount Olympus after Zeus falls in love with the young beauty from afar. She struggles with her aggressive suitor in a dynamic pose.

Alexander Presniakov - Neptune’s ConquestNeptune’s ConquestAlexander Presniakov

Neptune rises triumphantly from the sea with his young bride at his side. His previous lover, unable to let go, clings to his waist in a moment of despair. A mermaid blows into a seashell announcing his union.

Alexander Presniakov -  Danaë DanaëAlexander Presniakov

Danaë is approached by a god from Mount Olympus on a horse-drawn chariot. He shoots gold coins from his hunting bow into her bedroom as she gazes in a hypnotic trance. Seduced by the mist that emanates from the coins, which fall gently to her side.

Alexander Presniakov - Rescue of AndromedaRescue of AndromedaAlexander Presniakov

'Rescue of Andromeda'.;Description: A heroic male figure attacks a sea monster with two heads who was about to devour the lovely Andromeda who is chained to the rocks as a sacrifice to the Gods. She smiles at her liberator as he is about to severe the Dragon’s second head. His shield and trident sp...

Alexander Presniakov - Eve IIEve IIAlexander Presniakov

With dancing eyes and an anticipating smile Eve is being seduced by the serpent as he entices her to take the apple.

Alexander Presniakov - The Three Graces The Three Graces Alexander Presniakov

The three graces frolic in an idyllic garden setting waiting for their male lovers to appear. To the left there is a sculpture in bronze of Hercules holding the horn of plenty.

Alexander Presniakov - Roman BathersRoman BathersAlexander Presniakov

This takes the viewer to a golden age for lovers. Here a couple relaxes after swimming in the Roman Baths. The female amply shows off her charms as the male is taken in by her beauty.