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The Artworks of media Oil On Canvas and containing the word valentinas yla, oil on canvas, realistic, sea

Glynis Berger - Low TideLow TideGlynis Berger

The beach at Montauk.;Oil on canvas. Sides are painted, gallery wrapped.;Available at ww.glynisberger.com Check out my blog: ww.coffeeandapainting.com

Margaret Limburg Tuckerman - Het WAD Tidal MarshHet WAD Tidal MarshMargaret Limburg Tuckerman

Along the Northern Dutch sea borders you will find these sand build islands which are moving and being re shaped by natural forces of the wind and sea currents.

Glynis Berger - End of the Road  (Large Version)End of the Road (Large Version)Glynis Berger

This is a BIG painting. The painting wraps around the sides of the heavy duty stretcher bars. It probably should not be framed. Available at ww.glynisberger.com Check out my blog: ww.coffeeandapainting.com

@Gallery Limburg - La Mer de ma MèreLa Mer de ma Mère@Gallery Limburg

La Mer de ma Mère, is clear and bright realistically and impressionistically image of the sea site of Bloemendaal (North of Holland). Although my mother Magaret Tuckermann is not amused about it, I think it is very much appreciated by you as audience to publish this painting. For me it has been incr...

Thomas Jewusiak - MarinaMarinaThomas Jewusiak

This oil on linen canvas painting was inspired by the numerous small marinas that dot the waterways of Florida. Also available as a unique signed limited edition archival giclee on canvas embellished in oil starting at $219.00, size 14x18 in.