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The Artworks of media Oil On Canvas and containing the word judy lynn, oil on canvas, impressionism, buildings

Judy Lynn - -Carpenter Corner Farm Supply-"Carpenter Corner Farm Supply"Judy Lynn

An old farm supply store in southern Wake County, NC. It is currently in danger of encroaching development.

Judy Lynn - -City Market, Blount Street- (Sold)"City Market, Blount Street" (Sold)Judy Lynn

Gallery-wrap canvas, no frame needed. This is a street scene from downtown Raleigh, NC, USA

Judy Lynn - -Martin Street Corner-"Martin Street Corner"Judy Lynn

This is a corner store on Martin Street in downtown Raleigh, NC USA, housing a popular catering company 'Square Rabbit'

Judy Lynn - -Ice Cream at Tony-s-"Ice Cream at Tony's"Judy Lynn

This is a little coffee/ice cream shop in the City Market section of Raleigh, NC. I was hoping to evoke a description of a quiet summer's day. For sale through artist.

Judy Lynn - -Oakview- (sold)"Oakview" (sold)Judy Lynn

An old plantation house in southern Wake County, NC. It was once a working farm and is now an historic, educational site owned by the county.

Judy Lynn - -First NC Bank- (Sold)"First NC Bank" (Sold)Judy Lynn

This is a painting of the first bank established in North Carolina which was in 1802. Before that it was the home of the state treasurer. It is still in use today as a State Employee's Credit Union branch in downtown Raleigh, NC

Judy Lynn - -Hot Property- (Sold)"Hot Property" (Sold)Judy Lynn

This was a scene of downtown Raleigh, NC, facing Wilmington St., and depicting buildings from the rear. After I painted this, these buildings were raized making way for bigger, higher income structures. Certainly not as colorful or interesting!

Judy Lynn - -City Market-"City Market"Judy Lynn

This is a small Farmers Market in the historic section (City Market) of Raleigh, NC.