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The Artworks of media Oil On Canvas and containing the word chris quinlan, oil on canvas, impressionism, boats

Chris Quinlan - Sail OutSail OutChris Quinlan

A Seascape impressionism painting by Chris Quinlan Irish artist, An original impressionism oil painting of a sail boat race about to set off, A colourful waterscape painting by Chris Quinlan impressionist artist.

Chris Quinlan - On The CanalOn The CanalChris Quinlan

On The Canal - A landscape impression painting by Chris Quinlan Irish artist, This is a painting of the canal outside the town of kilbeggan in Co. Westmeath, Ireland. The canal there is dry now but was once a thriving canal for the busy market town of Kilbeggan. The harbour is the beginning of a bea...

Jose Mari Montesa - Banga ng Gusi (Pot of Gold Bars)Banga ng Gusi (Pot of Gold Bars)Jose Mari Montesa

My Great Great Grandfather is Placido Gino who just passed away when I was a toddler. I am his first Great Great Grandson. The stories and ideas of him was just narrated to me by her daughter, Aunt Amada. Grandfather Placido did not have a formal schooling but manages his financial well. He has thre...