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The Artworks of media Mixed Techniques On Paper and containing the word the world today, mixed techniques on paper, contemporary, self portrait

The World Today - red Hair Flaming, A Self Portraitred Hair Flaming, A Self PortraitThe World Today

Making a self portrait for an art exhibition, I finally got it right, just a single head.

The World Today - The WindowThe WindowThe World Today

This is a story that originated from a movie ending, to me it represented inner freedom. It 's main color is green and it ;would hang nicely with other small drawings.

The World Today - the Bear Picnicthe Bear PicnicThe World Today

I'm not sure who was here first but an intense game of chess is going on. These bears are well behaved, not like the ones we here about. I suppose old camping tales.

Barbara Mannnewart - A Bad Day, Who-s TalkingA Bad Day, Who's TalkingBarbara Mannnewart

Ever have a day where you hear people talking and theirs no one there. Stop talking but the chatter continues, not such a good day.

The World Today - Broken BranchesBroken BranchesThe World Today

I like to document things and places I have ben to inform others. Writing a play must be quite a challenge as the author uses three stories that wrap around each other.I havehd I have used a similar technique making this artwork.