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The Artworks of media Mixed Techniques On Paper and containing the word barbara mannnewart, mixed techniques on paper, figurative contemporary, chaos

Barbara Mannnewart - A Bad Day, Who-s TalkingA Bad Day, Who's TalkingBarbara Mannnewart

Ever have a day where you hear people talking and theirs no one there. Stop talking but the chatter continues, not such a good day.

Barbara Mannnewart - Dr. RadiationDr. RadiationBarbara Mannnewart

Radiation treatment rooms, there are 17 of them, see 60 people per day,, 5 days a week. That is a lot of people. The radiation people say it doesn't hurt, just a bit weird. I had 5 treatments.

Barbara Mannnewart - CrashCrashBarbara Mannnewart

The young girl was deaf ad terrified of being hit by a car/ She took all kinds of precautionary methods, like a seeing eye dog, and bells and whistles. Byt she still got hit. and then her ears fell off. When she put them back on she could hear again.

Rwjr Close2Art Creations - Mime TroopMime TroopRwjr Close2Art Creations

This piece was made with spray paint inks and collage elements on 400g paper

Barbara Mannnewart - My Self- PortraitMy Self- PortraitBarbara Mannnewart

Submitting to a self portrait show, I decided my 1st drawing was rather mundane, so I decided I would add a Role to the portrait. But then I received a response saying only one big head.;Oops time to get back to the drawing board and here's my big happy head.