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The Artworks of media Metal and containing the word валерий пастель, metal, decorative

Mathiaslardin Lardin - Dancer to the drumDancer to the drumMathiaslardin Lardin

Relief sculpture Dancer to the drum in steel and decor brass , directed by the sculptor metal mathias lardin , d'après a drawing of his grand-père , l'artiste Stone Lardin ( engraver , glass-blower d'art ) , has the evening embossed and sculpture thanks to a system chopsticks in steel in shape arrow...

13 Moon Arts - Elegant SceptreElegant Sceptre13 Moon Arts

This elegant piece contains 3 blue fluorite, chevron amethyst & amethyst beads with sparkling 8 cm clear quartz point.

13 Moon Arts - SowiloSowilo13 Moon Arts

This is a beautiful new design featuring a very clear chunky clear quartz point as the centre surrounded by a flowery crescent design with amethyst, ametrine, gold rutilated quartz & yellow andean opal, dropping to another very clear 7.5 cm chunky clear quartz point.

Jean Chazy - Reflections from  light Reflections from light Jean Chazy

Unique piece : sign d'aluminium curve , work , sanded and ground on both sides . Adapted to an open space and lit by several distinct sources of natural and artificial light . Perception changes and evolves according to your position and your movements in l'espace .