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The Artworks of media Engraving and containing the word james stow, engraving, realism, urban

James Stow - Jacques Callot -DEUX GRANDES VUES DE PARIS-EtchingJacques Callot "DEUX GRANDES VUES DE PARIS"EtchingJames Stow

Rare,18 century impression of DEUX GRANDES VUES DE PARIS,early 18th century watermarked paper with the watermark of JUG . Specially rare impression of this image found on 18th century paper , much finer than the later impression published in Etchers and Etchings 1868. This is impression is very good...

James Stow - Felix Buhot -Gardiens du logis- Original Etching-drypointFelix Buhot "Gardiens du logis" Original Etching-drypointJames Stow

What a great example og French Art , from the French Impressionism Movement ! Gardiens du logis . A great example of Buhots work, This is a recorded image and is in the BG Catalogue # 76 and in great condition.

James Stow - H. Daumier - Le Public du Salon - Original LithographH. Daumier " Le Public du Salon " Original LithographJames Stow

' Le Public du Salon ' .Original Lithograph , published London , 1915 This is a great opportunity to own a work of Daumier best known for his Studies of the Human condition in Paris of 19th Century . The work measures 7.50 by 8.75 inches with margins. Over all in Good condition.

James Stow - Thomas Moran   -American Sunset -   EtchingThomas Moran "American Sunset " EtchingJames Stow

What a Treasure ; This is a original work , etching by the American Master Thomas Moran , American Sunset , etched with artits permission George Innes oil painting of the same title. This wonderful etched work etched by Thomas Moran measures 5 by 7.25 on laid paper.

James Stow - G B Castiglione   -Study of a Oriental- Signed EtchingG B Castiglione "Study of a Oriental" Signed EtchingJames Stow

What a Great portrait ' Head of a Oriental' This is a impression ,plate signed from a rare edition on Japon Paper and tipped onto a support sheet. The impression impression dates around 1800 and meas-ures 4 3/8 by 3 1/4 inches with narrow margind and is in good condition.

James Stow - Seymour Haden -Thomas Haden of Derby- Etched PortraitSeymour Haden "Thomas Haden of Derby" Etched PortraitJames Stow

What a Great portrait ' Thomas Haden Derby ' This is a impression ,plate signed from last state . The impression impression dates around 1880's and measures 8 by 12.50 inches with margins.In good condition

James Stow - Paul Gauguin -Solitude- Limited Edition WoodcutPaul Gauguin "Solitude" Limited Edition WoodcutJames Stow

Great work of the Print-maker Paul Gauguin and Great subject of his Tahitian Subject, ' The Porter '. Image signed wood cut. Limited edition of 250 impressions on hand make Japon paper by Crabhorn Press. Image-sheet size 14.25 by 10.50 inches and Over all in Good condition

James Stow - Peter Moran -Harvest at San Jaun- Original EtchingPeter Moran "Harvest at San Jaun" Original EtchingJames Stow

Harvest at San Jaun' etched on laid paper by Peter Moran from The American-British Print Revival of the early 19th century. Great Etched South West scene of the artist of American Print Revival. The plate signed work measures 6 by 12.25 inches approximate . These works are listed , on the net at $7...

James Stow - Renoir -Richard Wagner- Limited Edition LithographRenoir "Richard Wagner" Limited Edition LithographJames Stow

Lovely Lithograph by French Impressionist Artist,Pierre Aguste Renoir ' Richard Wagner'.Lithographed by Mourlot after his Lithographed portrait. Sheet size 11 by 8.25 inches . his is from the publisher Mourlot in a limited edition, on wove paper and in good condition. Yes unsigned .Text on on verso ...

James Stow - Robert Blum -18 Century Italian Macraroni - EtchingRobert Blum "18 Century Italian Macraroni " EtchingJames Stow

What a great work of the American School working with Frank Duveneck and Whistler , in Venice during the American Print revival. Etched by Robert Fredeick Blum . Best known for his works in etchings of Venitian Scenes. This work was published by Stokes and Co , 1887, New York . The Image measures 9 ...