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The Artworks of media Engraving and containing the word james stow, engraving, realism

James Stow - Rembrandt - Profile of a Grosteque Beggar- EtchingRembrandt " Profile of a Grosteque Beggar" EtchingJames Stow

Etching early 18th century wove paper , Etched work attributed to Rembrandt , Amsterdam , Holland 1820. Impression of This work works measures 1.50 by 1 inches with good margins. Recorded in the Boon Catalogue Resume as as # 68 , final state of one. Recent International Auction Houses has sold very ...

James Stow - Thomas Moran   -American Sunset -   EtchingThomas Moran "American Sunset " EtchingJames Stow

What a Treasure ; This is a original work , etching by the American Master Thomas Moran , American Sunset , etched with artits permission George Innes oil painting of the same title. This wonderful etched work etched by Thomas Moran measures 5 by 7.25 on laid paper.

James Stow - Jasper Johns - Two Cup Picasso - Limited Edition LithographJasper Johns " Two Cup Picasso " Limited Edition LithographJames Stow

Great example of American Pop Art , Master Jasper Johns. What a great Image of POP ART : 'Two Cup Picasso ' Lithograph Published 1973. Signed and Dated in the plate. Original limited edition lithograph. Recorded in the Catalogue Resume Field 168, Gemini 276). Plates were prepared at ULAE in New York...

James Stow - G B Castiglione   -Study of a Oriental- Signed EtchingG B Castiglione "Study of a Oriental" Signed EtchingJames Stow

What a Great portrait ' Head of a Oriental' This is a impression ,plate signed from a rare edition on Japon Paper and tipped onto a support sheet. The impression impression dates around 1800 and meas-ures 4 3/8 by 3 1/4 inches with narrow margind and is in good condition.

James Stow - Seymour Haden -Thomas Haden of Derby- Etched PortraitSeymour Haden "Thomas Haden of Derby" Etched PortraitJames Stow

What a Great portrait ' Thomas Haden Derby ' This is a impression ,plate signed from last state . The impression impression dates around 1880's and measures 8 by 12.50 inches with margins.In good condition

James Stow - Paul Gauguin -Solitude- Limited Edition WoodcutPaul Gauguin "Solitude" Limited Edition WoodcutJames Stow

Great work of the Print-maker Paul Gauguin and Great subject of his Tahitian Subject, ' The Porter '. Image signed wood cut. Limited edition of 250 impressions on hand make Japon paper by Crabhorn Press. Image-sheet size 14.25 by 10.50 inches and Over all in Good condition

James Stow - Henri Matisse -Femme- Pencil Signed Gravure-Limited EditionHenri Matisse "Femme" Pencil Signed Gravure-Limited EditionJames Stow

Great Impressionist work by the French Artist Henri Matisse. This is a great image , after the sketch by the artist and with his supervision in Paris in a Limited edition of very on soft wove arches paper. The work is pencil signed H M in pencil . The works measures measures 4.50 by 7.25 inches plus...

James Stow - Peter Moran -Harvest at San Jaun- Original EtchingPeter Moran "Harvest at San Jaun" Original EtchingJames Stow

Harvest at San Jaun' etched on laid paper by Peter Moran from The American-British Print Revival of the early 19th century. Great Etched South West scene of the artist of American Print Revival. The plate signed work measures 6 by 12.25 inches approximate . These works are listed , on the net at $7...

James Stow - Renoir -Richard Wagner- Limited Edition LithographRenoir "Richard Wagner" Limited Edition LithographJames Stow

Lovely Lithograph by French Impressionist Artist,Pierre Aguste Renoir ' Richard Wagner'.Lithographed by Mourlot after his Lithographed portrait. Sheet size 11 by 8.25 inches . his is from the publisher Mourlot in a limited edition, on wove paper and in good condition. Yes unsigned .Text on on verso ...

James Stow - Robert Blum -18 Century Italian Macraroni - EtchingRobert Blum "18 Century Italian Macraroni " EtchingJames Stow

What a great work of the American School working with Frank Duveneck and Whistler , in Venice during the American Print revival. Etched by Robert Fredeick Blum . Best known for his works in etchings of Venitian Scenes. This work was published by Stokes and Co , 1887, New York . The Image measures 9 ...