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The Artworks of media Canvas and containing the word mike ebrahimi, canvas, abstract, animals

Mike Ebrahimi - -Instinct-"Instinct"Mike Ebrahimi

The pencil drawing for this piece was drafted in 2002, but not painted and completed until 2005. The picture of the zebra came from a magazine advertisement for Absolut Vodka that Ebrahimi’s sister had on her wall. When he saw the picture, he immediately wanted to paint it. Ebrahimi spent so many...

Sergey Ignatenko - WatchingWatchingSergey Ignatenko

Oil on canvas, signed lower right;Done for my personal exhibition specially

Mike Ebrahimi - -Lost Night-"Lost Night"Mike Ebrahimi

This painting was made in 2004. It is a painting of Ebrahimi’s ex-girlfriend of four years. The original picture was taken late one night while he was up studying. He glanced over at the bed, where his girlfriend at the time was sleeping. Her position, the reflection of the light, and the peacef...

Mike Ebrahimi - -Wall Street-"Wall Street"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 2005 and was made with spray paint and acrylic paint on canvas. It is Mike Ebrahimi’s representation of the stock market, and the way in which it can make or break a person financially overnight.