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The Artworks of media Acrylic and containing the word nazzi art gallery, acrylic, art and containing the word language, philosophy

Nazzi Art Gallery - EnlightenmentEnlightenmentNazzi Art Gallery

Title :Enlightenment ;What this painting says to me is that when peaple of different culiures ,( people who wear different hats )come togther,one on one, The lights come On.( ie, their likness is illuminated and differences fade away with the darkness). by Ann Young ;روزها فكر من اين است و همه شب سخ...

Nazzi Art Gallery - GeishaGeishaNazzi Art Gallery

Geisha (芸者), Geiko (芸子) or... Geigi (芸妓) are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical ... ;She is Tender like Silk ;She is Colored like Peacock ;She is Graceful like a Swan ;She is Delicate and Elegant ;She is Beautiful Like...

Harry Weisburd - Earth Goddess Hill by Sea with Goddess CloudEarth Goddess Hill by Sea with Goddess CloudHarry Weisburd

Earth Goddess Hill by the Sea and Goddess is influenced by Chinese Philosophy of YIN/YANG;In Chinese painting, the feminine form and masculine forms are hidden in the painting for centuries.;In this painting the feminine form of the Earth Goddess is hidden in the hill by the sea and the Goddess is h...