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The Artworks of topic Ла-Франция and containing the word jean, claude selles brotons, природа, ла, франция

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - the barn hay béarnthe barn hay béarnJean-Claude Selles Brotons

An old barn in pre , c'est beam . The horses are not distance .

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - the barn abandoned béarnthe barn abandoned béarnJean-Claude Selles Brotons

The lush vegetation the pyrenees done son workart . . . c'est the time which passes on the old barn abandoned road to Sauvelade béarn .

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - turn ramparts of navarrenxturn ramparts of navarrenxJean-Claude Selles Brotons

A tower , ramparts . . . c'est the way of the dream . We are back at the time of king henri iv at Navarrenx . . . .

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - The old oak and the sheepfold béarnThe old oak and the sheepfold béarnJean-Claude Selles Brotons

The charm the old oak surrounded by die , which stretches its branches as for enlasser old sheepfold in the meadow full bloom . . . what a beautiful image of this béarn . . . . what serenity !

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - ECHAUGUETTE , Stronghold navarrenx of walnut ( Béarn La france )ECHAUGUETTE , Stronghold navarrenx of walnut ( Béarn La france )Jean-Claude Selles Brotons

L'échauguette or ride , them on old ramparts of navarrenx , capital of béarn and the united d'Henri IV , Roy of france , day before them on pilgrims of highway from st Jacob de compostela .

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - Autome on l-Ossau - The horses the pyreneesAutome on l'Ossau - The horses the pyreneesJean-Claude Selles Brotons

C'est l'automne in ossau . The ' Jean-Pierre ' or peak noon D'Ossau n'a not yet his coat of snow . The horses the pyrenees grazing has his feet and benefit dice l'herbe tender .

Robert Saldana - THE OLD LYONTHE OLD LYONRobert Saldana

the old Lyon seen from the bank du rhone , basilica of fourvière , primatial saint john , courthouses . ; The prize understands his encadrement/

Jean-Pierre Soula - The Camel  of the  Chad The Camel of the Chad Jean-Pierre Soula

Painitng d'après a photo taken from an oasis .

Catherine Reznitchenko - HARMONYHARMONYCatherine Reznitchenko

Manor The villers , Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville , La france .