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The Artworks of topic Абстракция Символический and containing the word lemock artist, абстрактное, склеивание, абстракция символический

Lemock Artist - Primitive reflexesPrimitive reflexesLemock Artist

It is much easier to try to solve its problems by an accidental attack. This solution gives the feeling of power without solving anything is itself. Each is experienced in different minima between two entities. Each is responsible for one another and must ensure pacify his opponent. It is his intere...

Lemock Artist - The red squar gostsThe red squar gostsLemock Artist

Always lurks strategic and central location, the enemy crippling that we fight. It is lurking in the shadows of our bad conscience and spying on us, ready to disclose secret information. From our past, our present accompanied until the fateful moment of our liberation. This path depends on us.

Lemock Artist - The words meaningThe words meaningLemock Artist

Words do not always say what they are supposed to say. They sometimes come collide and mix in order to create a hard to crack screen. What meaning all gibberish he?

Lemock Artist - Imposed CultureImposed CultureLemock Artist

It is sometimes difficult to resist the dominant culture. Always be justified to be next to the powerline, looked through such an innocent suspect.

Lemock Artist - Laurencia, the Continental DriftLaurencia, the Continental DriftLemock Artist

Initially, our life is on a single cell, a continent, a world. Then, proliferation and movement created the imbalance necessary for our evolution. A settling time fertilizer on which our human lineage may attempt to exist and move through its physical release

Lemock Artist - The Nephilim punishmentThe Nephilim punishmentLemock Artist

As beings who created the works have an unconscious face hidden and impenetrable. My work takes into account the human aspect of life, and brings back, not visible to the viewer a frame of calligraphy words, one careful study might reveal distinctly.
This is the instinct of work that speaks. A ...