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The Artworks of topic Chiens and containing the word bludcovrdrose creations, crayons, réalisme, chiens

Bludcovrdrose Creations - Doggy NapDoggy NapBludcovrdrose Creations

This is an original color pencil drawing called Doggy Nap. It was done on on 18'x12' charcoal paper. This picture is already shrink wrapped to a piece of foamboard. This sharpei is simply adorable curled on top of a towel taking his afternoon nap. He blends in with his surroundings of folded fabrics...

Stephanie Taylor - Snickers (9-3-09)Snickers (9-3-09)Stephanie Taylor

This is a copy of a picture I drew for a sixth grade teacher at my school of her dog, Snickers. 9-3-09. The drawing process can be found on my other website, here: stephanietaylor.yolasite.com/processes.php under the 'Black & White' subtitle thingy.

Bludcovrdrose Creations - Puppy LovePuppy LoveBludcovrdrose Creations

This is an original watercolor pencil painting called Puppy Love. It is painted on 14'x17' paper. This irresistable puppy captures you with its big adorable eyes. He begs you for love and attention and aparently his own self portrait. This presious puppy will win over your heart just as he did mine.