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The Artworks of topic Paysage and containing the word yves frémin, acrylique sur toile, expressionnisme abstrait, paysage

Yves Frémin - come see  The  cliffs come see The cliffs Yves Frémin

Work close dice l'abstrait , like j'aime do it often . Perspective notions are annihilated benefit d'un ' speech ' narrative . Of colors sober and contrasted .

Yves Frémin - it is still  distance it is still distance Yves Frémin

The form blue makes me think of has l'eau . There s'agit peut-être d'un mountain lake , or d'un rocky seashore . At less than it be a personage . I you leave in the doubt leaving hover the mystery .

Yves Frémin - shorelineshorelineYves Frémin

The particularity this chart jumps the eyes , c'est its highly strong dominant ruddy . Only the corner at the top left shows the blue of sea and allows to understand qu'il s'agit d'un shoreline . Riches of the board lies in its details colours hidden and under its gaming of textures .

Yves Frémin - The Idlers Blues The Idlers Blues Yves Frémin

The characteristic this painitng ( besides his format dice 80 x 80 cm ) , c'est his style narrative . You will notice than the table has several horizons to for heights different . C'est qu'il born s'agit no d'une single view , but of many . In effect , to enjoy to fully this site ( located all near...

Yves Frémin - from end  up in  end from end up in end Yves Frémin

J'aime this format very vertical to represent a landscape seaman . To punctuate my cliffs chalk white , j'ai painted my tips of land of form triangular with a ruddy , a bruise , a green , highlighted yellow . One can there see an wink d'œil at Mondrian .

A La Croisee Des Regards - ENZOENZOA La Croisee Des Regards

20 x 20 cm

Yves Frémin - a hat with blue a hat with blue Yves Frémin

The photo is square , farmhouse in provence the table is round . It measures 40 cm of diameter . His title ' a hat blue ' refers blue from the sky , and especially to heaven breton . The table represents the cliffs rockies as l'on find near of at ego , in côtes D'Armor . C'est a painting that bed di...

Yves Frémin - Ex nihiloEx nihiloYves Frémin

Me l'ai entitled ' Ex nihilo ' by contradiction . In effect , i only am not left d'une white canvas however d'une colorful canvas which no pleased me no . However j'ai left footsteps dice l'ancienne canvas to create effects of overlays , not by transparencies , but by scrapings knife .

Veronique Orsi - ReflectionsReflectionsVeronique Orsi

Canvas board 30 x 30: Acrylics 'reflections'