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The Artworks of topic Paysage Marin and containing the word alain faure, acrylique sur toile, figuratif contemporain, paysage marin

Alain Faure - The quayThe quayAlain Faure

THE QUAI ; Acryl on Toile  : 61 x 46 ; C'est a website fluvial but before whole port of pleasure true refuge of the frontier Occitane when l'on comes d'Avignon . He is quiet because its location is located on the famous canal du rhone at Sète . The first ones beautiful days marine s'affairent on the...

Alain Faure - Fishermen-s HousesFishermen's HousesAlain Faure

FISHERMEN'S HOUSES ; Acryl on Toile  : 80 x 60 ; This climbing wall to admire the sea unleashed , i stay behind of waves which come harass the dam the boulders breakers . In balance and dominating this decor tormented , i watch dice l'autre side of yonder presqu'île where the fishermen's houses are ...

Alain Faure - dreams up and  metamorphosis dreams up and metamorphosis Alain Faure

DREAMS AND METAMORPHOSIS ; Acryl on Toile  : 80 x 60 ; I remember of this place that often came up in the conversation and where we wanted to go one day . This sweet and remote beach discreet was doing call to our and imaginary we dreamed from what we n'avions never seen . Of nineties themselves hav...

Alain Faure - THE CALLETHE CALLEAlain Faure

THE CALLE ; Acryl on Toile  : 80 x 60 ( private collection ) ; i guess still , dazzling of colors as he offered the sun , dice l'aube at dusk . The blues mixed from the sky and of the sea n'en ended not from surprise us per l'harmonie of their monochrome . She was serene by his wonderful climate and...


THE REMAILLORS ; acralic on canvas : 61 x 46 . . . . . workart sold ; La sin has been good and yet as very often , a few netting themselves are damaged and even disemboweled them on benches rocky funds marine . On the docks port houses by to presqu’ile , the remaillors barefoot and hat on the letter...

Alain Faure - Shot Tobacco Shot Tobacco Alain Faure

SHOT TOBACCO ; Acryl on Toile  : 70 x 50 . . . . . . workart sold ; The sky s’est suddenly darkened and the assaults of wind grow the clouds dark around the coast . The sea change its colors then that waves loaded d’écume break into bursts and  prennent volume impressive . C’est the tempest , she wi...