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The Artworks of topic Surrealismo and containing the word gisèle grana, lienzo para óleo, fantasía, surrealismo

Nico Fourie - Stages of a Woman IStages of a Woman INico Fourie

the young girl on the beach, with a happy sky and her protector lying in front. Yet their is just a hint of fear and of future hardship.

Nico Fourie - Stages of a Woman IIStages of a Woman IINico Fourie

The young woman standing on the beach gazing at the horizon. Her fantasy protector has grown into a griphon. The restless sky depicts her inner moods of love and the discovery of sexuality.

Les Peintures De Markkus - The guardian of the inexplicableThe guardian of the inexplicableLes Peintures De Markkus

I present to you Azal Hea.
She is the keeper of the inexplicable, Because at this day, nobody passes on this bridge (?), And nobody know what is on this floating island .... Because nobody know the forgotten password .... and she is inflexible in His duty.

Alexandr Iv - cloud citycloud cityAlexandr Iv

magic phenomenon of the city in the clouds;a beautiful painting, fantasy landscape sky;The picture can be repeated and, if desired, can be changed the format and size of the picture, added or removed items ... All changes specified with the customer using digital sketches and choose the best option ...

Novik Olesya - Snack 3dSnack 3dNovik Olesya

Photo of Paintings done on three Sides, allowing You to see the Difference in Image when the Angle of View changes.