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The Artworks of topic Symbolism and containing the word jean, pierre soula, cartón, visionary, symbolism

Jean-Pierre Soula - the Grailthe GrailJean-Pierre Soula

This work is the embodiment personal d'une initiatory research . A you to discover the footpath that you lead to GRAIL , but do not be fooled appearances to ! There you will find some KEYS .

Jean-Pierre Soula - MOSHEHMOSHEHJean-Pierre Soula

Table of free inspiration . The theme of mosheh ( Moses ) evokes dating l'Adepte with yahweh , the master Interior . Découvrez-y the keys that you will aggression at d'autres realities . ; Single canvas .

Jean-Pierre Soula - the planet Edeniathe planet EdeniaJean-Pierre Soula

The couple humane faced to its future . Reliefs in shape columns symbolize the joining of heaven and earth . Gateway , left to figured the ' passing ' to experience to join the city illuminated depicting the ' Best of Worlds ' . The precipice qu'enjambe the bridge sybolise the obstacles and the pitf...

Jean Claude Davreux - L -AME OF PLESIARCL 'AME OF PLESIARCJean Claude Davreux

the queen of heart , l'eternel female , of both medusa and isolde , l'anima ; animus qu'il we need to find passing by on of dragon dice l'inconscient ; to arrive has the spirituality of the castle

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - I leave you the Perpetual Fire I leave you the Perpetual Fire Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

Night falls passing... my pain is bleeding... Unhappy destiny that the good assigned to me, poor I find my self! I sigh in a misguided discouragement, I go up high, will be that I am pardoned? Without fire. Without light. How I go to live? If are so few my loves of the past.... Will I be the Promess...