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The Artworks of topic Birds and containing the word raba martinet, fabrics, original painting, birds

Raba Martinet - Voltigeures NightVoltigeures NightRaba Martinet

This artwork at was work on tissue quality flexible and wrinkle , contents various colors lacquers , special brilliant . That gorgeous workart peut-etre expose n'importe who places - 09 . 03 - ; Done - 09 . 03 - 120x140

Raba Martinet - The Bird with blue The Bird with blue Raba Martinet

L'Oiseau Blue - Drawing and joinings on fabrics good quality , contents , pencils - 07 . 03 -

Manjiri Kanvinde - Glorious PeacockGlorious PeacockManjiri Kanvinde

This painting is a definite 'WOW'! ;In 'Glorious Peacock' I have tried to capture the beauty of this beautiful bird. In Asia, the feathers of the peacock are considered auspicious and protective. In both the Hindu and the Buddhist traditions, the peacock's influence is mainly in the realm of worldly...

Nathaniel Brown - The Rothschild BirdThe Rothschild BirdNathaniel Brown

This Still - life Painting is done in ( 3- D ). and the highest level ever. the dry surface painting technique was developed in Italy, my how to paint book will be coming soon , and I'll reveal the secret techniques . this painting comes framed, signed, Dated, it is the original painting. shipping...