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The Artworks of topic Beach and containing the word alain faure, painting on canvas, figurative contemporary, beach

Alain Faure - the Beachthe BeachAlain Faure

THE BEACH ; acralic on canvas : 116 x 89 ; They have posed their sheet bath on the sand hot , spread a little d'ambre solar on l'intégralité of their body , they dreamed of months , this fois… They there are . Stylish and very casual , they guess ever qu'elles are going spark here or there some jeal...

Kenneth Grzesik - On The North ShoreOn The North ShoreKenneth Grzesik

:;I remember working on this painting as clouds rolled in from the ocean and scattered showers moved over the beach. When it began to rain on me I would open an old umbrella to protect the still wet paint. When the sun would return a few minutes later I would close the umbrella and resume painting.

Sylvia Kula - Pilot Bay Mt M 050110Pilot Bay Mt M 050110Sylvia Kula

Original painting by Sylvia Kula. Beach scene from Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Original SOLD but prints are available, also in large sizes.