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The Artworks of topic Women and containing the word jaime villa, abstract, abstract expressionism, women

Jaime Villa - El Principe SonadorEl Principe SonadorJaime Villa

This is a 1984 watercolor. The dimensions are: 4 1/2' x 7'. It is part of a private collection.

Jaime Villa - El Chino CuranderoEl Chino CuranderoJaime Villa

This was finished in 2002 and is a tempera. The dimensions are: 3.5' x 4.5'. This is part of the private collection of Jaime Villa and is not for sale.

Jaime Villa - Aqui entre nos Aqui entre nos Jaime Villa

This was painted in 2000 and is a water color. The dimensions are 8' x 5 1/2'. It is part of the private collection of the artist.

Jaime Villa - ComparsaComparsaJaime Villa

Painted in 1978 this is one of Jaime Villa's personal favorites. Due to its' large size it is impossible here in Guayaquil to make an original size giclee. If you would like a giclee of a smaller size please contact us with the dimensions and we can work to satisfy your requirements.

Sylvia Kula - Sunset QueenSunset QueenSylvia Kula

Original painting, acrylic on canvas, signed, size 405x505mm, 37mm deep. NZD 740.00, AUD 630.00.;Posters and Prints available.;For PORTRAITS from your own photos visit ww.SylviaKulaArt.com (samples & prices).

Martijn Limburg - Women at WorkWomen at WorkMartijn Limburg

‘Women at Work’ is an impressionistic metaphor for the quit different attitude regarding work moral. This painting have been donated to my colleague Marco Meulenmans because of his positive open way of acting. ;Martijn Limburg, June 29th 2011.