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The Artworks of topic Spiritual and containing the word stephen mead, mixed technic, collage, spiritual

Stephen Mead - What on Earth-What on Earth?Stephen Mead

https://plus.google.com/111539307302770108255/posts/V4s72f5a6ai;Like all of us, wrestling with the 2016 election results and its aftermath, the fears I have for this country and the planet have grown deeper.   As a result I found myself working on the image above.  As it came together saw it as a pi...

Stephen Mead - Christ StrippedChrist StrippedStephen Mead

Later incorporated into the series 'Blue Heart Diary', this watercolor pencil on canvas board from the late '90's is an exploration on faith and suffering in stained glass tones.

Stephen Mead - Pour Over The Hair (from the series -Washing The Body-)Pour Over The Hair (from the series "Washing The Body")Stephen Mead

Part of the series, 'Washing The Body', this painting is a mixture of glazes, colored pencil and oil pastels, iconic and spiritual, a mediation on mortality derived from my experiences as a direct care giver in health care.

Stephen Mead - Prayer Heart (from the series -We Are More Than Our Wounds-)Prayer Heart (from the series "We Are More Than Our Wounds")Stephen Mead

From the series 'We Are More Than Our Wounds', this mixture of glazes, acrylics and oil pastels on canvas paper, speaks to the soul as an invitation for benevolence.

Paul Ray Whitton. - Spirit TigerSpirit TigerPaul Ray Whitton.

pencil drawing on stretched canvas