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The Artworks of topic Symbolic Abstraction and containing the word latin art gallery, painting on canvas, abstractness, symbolic abstraction

Latin Art Gallery - I feel blood flowing in my veinsI feel blood flowing in my veinsLatin Art Gallery

Intense emotions , transcribed by one fast dynamic gestural arabesque , curves and contre-courbes that punctuate the surface from there canvas where s'expansent shapes vividly colored .

Latin Art Gallery - the face turned towards the sun setting , intensely brightthe face turned towards the sun setting , intensely brightLatin Art Gallery

This painting vibrated by its colours , by his appearance sometimes romantic . It us takes at the discretion winds , at the discretion offshore , to a interior , filled calm and of torment of both , of rest and in any case of peace . . .

Latin Art Gallery - A delicious scent t’offrirA delicious scent t’offrirLatin Art Gallery

«Lorsque j'ai painted this painitng , c'était with the recollection d'un particular scent , very soft . And all these colors are l'expression this fragrance . Sometimes it's hard d'exprimer the strength d'un fragrance , wherein d'une smell , above all when we born can l'enfermer in a small bottle »