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The Artworks of topic Realism and containing the word josé higuera, oil on canvas, figurative, realism

José Higuera - Jose and his friendJose and his friendJosé Higuera

José and his friend is a painting in which the color is the main protagonist of this friendship story. ;The special relationship between Jose and his kitty was worthy of being captured, I decided to give to the color a great importance in this work , perhaps looking for a way to also praise the fee...

José Higuera - TernuraTernuraJosé Higuera

The moment of calm and extreme tenderness with a summer afternoon light, when my son Joseph was caressing one of his cats, was what motivated me to start painting this work, I wanted to show the spectator, as closely as possible, the moment when the caresses speak and the silence and the love of Jos...

José Higuera - complicidadcomplicidadJosé Higuera

Nothing like two brothers, who are both also close friends, to show all aspects of the great complicity between them.;That was the main theme of this painting, inspired by many endearing moments of games and laughs with my own sister, and the feeling you will cause to the painting’s spectators when ...

Lorenzo Antognetti - -- Sogno  --  '' Sogno '' Lorenzo Antognetti

'' Sogno '' di Lorenzo Antognetti cm 55 x 80

Kostiantyn Shyptia - After glassAfter glassKostiantyn Shyptia

Rain, autumn, girl, cat, flowed, leaves, loneliness, sorrow, clock