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The Artworks of topic Nature and containing the word lucy arnold, watercolor, realism, nature

Lucy Arnold - Found TreasuresFound TreasuresLucy Arnold

I found these natural objects while taking a walk in the woods near my home. I wanted to protray the mystery and beauty I felt in these discarded bits and pieces of nature. Theyt are painted very realistically in watercolor on paper. 18' x 12' prints available.

Derek Mccrea - 3 butterflies yupo painting3 butterflies yupo paintingDerek Mccrea

3 butterflies butterfly wildlife nature yupo painting watercolor on yupo paper butterflies are fast becoming my new subjects

Derek Mccrea - Croton tree plant tropical artCroton tree plant tropical artDerek Mccrea

Croton tree plant watercolor tropical painting and also a limited edition poster print, view my website at ww.derekmccrea.50megs.com for many more original paintings and prints.

Bludcovrdrose Creations - Fox by the WaterFox by the WaterBludcovrdrose Creations

This is an original watercolor pencils painting called Fox by the Water. it is painted on 14'x17' paper. I personally like the simplicity of the actions in the painting. A behind the scenes glimpse of nature living naturally, something very few of us get to witness. Maybe people would have a greater...

Bludcovrdrose Creations - A Mother-s ProtectionA Mother's ProtectionBludcovrdrose Creations

This is a original watercolor pencil painting called A Mother's Love. It is done on 14'x17' paper. The mother bear inspired me in the picture by the way she makes a protective circle around her cubs. Of course, the adorable little cubs did too by the way they peeked their heads curiously over their ...